Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fairy Tail Chapter 259

Chapter 259....Porlyusica.

Poor Wendy <3

In an open field, Natsu sparring against Max and is having a hard time. Max states that everyone has been training for the past seven years and dodges or blocks several of Natsu's attacks until Natsu activates the Lightning Flame Dragon Mode and uses the Lightning Flame Dragon's Roar to devastate the field almost hitting Max. Though Natsu claims it's not as strong as it used to be, Max ends the battle, admitting that he could've been killed. After Natsu collapses, Wendy compliments Max's improved strength while Charle wonders why the guild didn't fight Twilight Ogre with their strength. Max states that fighting them wouldn't have solved anything since they owed the guild money. 

Gray comments that aside from monstrously powerful members like Gildarts  and Laxus, the rest of the members who were on Tenrou are not strong enough in the current world. Lucy agrees seeing how much trouble Natsu had against Max. Happy wonders if there is a way to raise magical power by a great deal quickly.

The team decides to visit Porlyusica who immediately tells them to go home (GTFO), though they, aside from Wendy, ask if she has anything that can help them. She angrily states she does not and quickly chases them away with her broom.

Back at the guild, Makarov states that he is retiring announces that Gildarts will be the new Guild Master. He is shocked when he discovers that Gildarts ditched them and left a letter. In his letter, Gildarts states that he is not suitable to be the next Fairy Tail Guild Master but as his first order of business, he allows Laxus to return to the guild and nominates Makarov Dreyar as 6th guild master of Fairy Tail. He then states that he is going travelling again and apologizes to Cana for leaving out of the blue and that she can look at his card if she wishes to see him again or whenever she needs help, though she states that she doesn't need to by ripping the card.

Crap for brains! Crap for brains!

He states that when he returns, he hopes Fairy Tail will be #1 again and that it is their job to make it so. Makarov angrily claims that he will never retire again until he dies. When the guild comments on how hard it will be to be #1 since Sabertooth is now #1 and Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus are also on the top, Romeo claims there is a way, where Macao proclaims they promised to never participate again.

In the East Forest, Natsu and the team have finally escaped Porlyusica when they notice that is Wendy crying. Natsu gets angry at Porlyusica for making a child cry but Wendy states it wasn't her but it was because she feels nostalgic since Porlyusica's voice and scent are identical to Grandine's, the dragon who raised her.

Well, that was an exceptional cliffhanger. I'm a week late on writing this blog so I'll just write what my theories were at the time.
[sarroush 1 week ago....] GRANDINE = PORLYUSICA?!?!??! WHHAAAAAT??!! O________O THE AWESOMNESS! DOES THAT MEAN IGNEEL AND METALICANA HAVE HUMAN FORMS TOO?! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG I love this old lady more than ever now! Too cool! GIVE ME CHAPTER 260 NOW! [end of sarroush 1 week ago]

Time to write blog for Chapter 260 ._. 

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