Friday, 4 November 2011

Fate/Extra First Impressions

Well, I recently got a hold of the newly released Fate/Extra video game for the PSP.
   Hiiiii Saber!

I played for roughly an hour to two-ish. It was fun, I'll give them that.

It starts off with you...this random guy in high school, living the same old boring life. Then suddenly some bizarre stuff starts to happen around you. E.g: You don't know your name, Sakura is a robot...You know...the.."usual". You're friends with Shinj....even though he's not the Fate/Stay Night Shinji...He's still an annoying douche bag. All the power to him I guess.

So you eventually go through your day, meeting a variety of people, notably our favourite tsundere (no...not really) Tousaka Rin! Yes....It's a u  in this game....They want us to commit suicide.
See the difference? Alt Universes!
*insert sarcasm here*

You also meet this blond kid Leo. Apperantly his family's company owns 60% of the world? Wonder how that happened. And what? Two days later I think? He just stands up during class and says "My time here's up! Time to go back!" and he disappears. I problem? Well weird thing is...your classmates aren't even thinking about it. They just think he ditched school.

And later on, you see Leo going through a...wall...You, because you are so so smart, decide to follow him. You end up in this weird room with an effigy...You walk into a chapel-ish sort of place, fight another effigy and guess!!! Dum dum duuuuuum...

And that's the prologue ladies & gents. After that, you can choose a name and a gender for your char...This is a different character...Who hopefully...will...not...die.

The battle system was cool. It's sort of like Rock Paper Scissor based, only here it's Attack, Guard, Break. Where Attack > Break, Break > Guard and Guard > Attack. Six  moves per turn and a lot of it, I'm assuming at first, is luck based. Though don't let that fool you. The game is fun so far. Minus the weak story...along with the weird atmosphere. What I enjoyed the most about it was that Persona-ish feeling. I'll get back to it once I finish some animes.

Let me know if you have any questions~!

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