Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Mayo Chiki Anime Review

New poooostttt finally.

Well, I just finished the 13 episode season of Mayo Chiki.

                           I want to be slapped with moolah toooo!!! 

Synopsis : 

The story revolves around Kinjirō Sakamachi, a 17 year old high school boy who suffers from gynophobia(a.k.a fear of women). The gynophobia makes his nose bleed every time he has physical contact with a female. While using the bathroom he accidentally discovers that the popular and handsome butler Subaru Konoe is in reality a girl. Now that Kinjirō knows about Subaru’s secret, he must work together with Subaru and her sadistic mistress, Kanade, to protect Subaru’s secret from being discovered.


The main characters are part of the generic group, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing specially because of how this anime executed everything. A Rich Girl (Kanade Suzutsuki) with her butler (Konoe Subaru) and  a regular guy (Sakamachi Kinjiro...aka Chicken) who finds out that the rich girl's butler is actually female. Konoe hides her true gender and falls in love with Kinjiro. There is a variety of girls who have a crush on Subaru who vehemently try to hunt down Kinjiro and stop him from getting closer to their "idol".

A quick run down of the characters.

Kinjiro Sakamachi : The main character. He suffers from Gynophobia. His character was well written, except when the gynophobia destroys the serious mood the anime has at times.

Konoe Subaru : Partially tsundere butler in gender-hiding. Good character, cute too. But when she goes back to being a girl every now and then, Iguchi Yuka should've sounded more feminine in those instances. Still I was rooting for KinjiroxKonoe.

Kanade Suzutsuki: Now she's my favourite. Maybe because she's sadistic.She enjoys tormenting and teasing Kinjirou in the guise of helping him cure his gynophobia. She does try her best though. I swear though...her orientation is a mystery. Since she did say Subaru was her first love.

Kureha Sakamachi : Kinjiro's younger sister, a first year in high school who uses her brother as a punching bag. She is a member of the arts&crafts club. After stalking Kinjiro and Subaru on their first date, she attacks Subaru, but gets seriously owned. And because of this, she falls in love with Subaru who she thinks is a guy.

Usami Masamune: A former member of S4 (the group who wants Kinjiro dead for being so close to Subaru), she is also a member of the arts&crafts club. Usami is a good cook, maybe because she lives alone and has to cook her own meals. Sher becomes friends with Kinjirou and the others and develops a crush on him.Usami is jokingly called Usagi (Rabbit). And she calls Kinjiro "Bakachikin" translated to stupid chicken.

Narumi Nakuru: Yaoi and glasses obsessed girly. She gets drunk on anything carbonated and gets a crush on Kinjiro.

'Course there are more characters, but they aren't important.

Gynophobia Dude
Moe Butler
The Sadistic Crazy Rich Girl
The Crazy Wrestler Sister

The Rabbit!
Yaoi/Glasses freak!


It was a really fun anime to watch. Only had a few parts that bored me and those were around episodes 3-5. Don't really remember. I'm looking forward to a potential season 2, since the ending was a weak one.
So, this anime gets an 8/10 :) Do watch it!

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