Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 11

Sorry for the incredibly late update. College started up again and things have just been plain hectic. On to review~

Best Episode so far.

Let the anti-SOPA meeting commence!
Rider and Waver unexpectedly arrive at the Einzbern Castle on Gordius' Wheel. Greeting Saber and Iri, Rider announces that he has only he come to have a drink with Saber. Saber accepts and everyone gathers at the castle's garden, only to be joined suddenly by Archer who was invited by Rider.

 Archer expresses distaste over the wine Rider brought for them so he summons better wine from his collection. As the three discuss Kingship and their wish for the Grail, Saber and Rider have an argument of philosophy over what it means to be a King. Saber argues a King should serve for his people and wants to win the Grail to save Britain which she was unable to do in the past but Rider believes it's the people who should serve for their King and was proud on his reign even when Macedonia fell after his death.

This SOPA-wine tastes like sh*t!

Furthermore, Rider criticizes Saber for being a protector to her people rather than a King which lead them to resent her and rebel while his Kingly ambitions made his people love him and inspire them to seek their own ambitions. Their talk is soon interrupted when the Assassins arrive and surround them. When they refuse Rider's offer to drink with them, Rider transforms into his armor and summons his Noble Phantasm, the Reality Marble "Ionian Hetairoi". This summons the Armies of Macedonia composed of the soldiers who remained loyal to him even after death and became Servants themselves. They greatly outnumbered the Assassins and proceed to decimate them.

SOPA destroyed my people!

 With their drink over, Rider departs with Waver but not before saying he no longer recognizes Saber as a King with Archer leaving as well before telling Saber she should stick to her beliefs because her suffering amuses him. Iri rushes to Saber, who reveals she once had a knight who left Camelot because he was dissatisfied with her rule which makes Saber question if the Knights of the Round Table all felt the same way.

Anti-SOPA meeting Part II!

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. It was entertaining, and the philosophies of each King were highly interesting. Rider has basically lost his respect for Saber, while Gilgamesh is just being laid back and having fun. Rider's Reality Marble was awesomely awesome. And I was hoping for some yuri undertones between Saber & Iri! This episode had just a tiny amount of it. *disappointed*

Saber, I will be the one to take down SOPA!

Well, not really much to say about this episode. I'll do the remainig 2 episodes and the full review when I have time. Won't take long though~ I just have to get out of the "BACK TO SCHOOL! PROCRASTINATION TIME" phase.

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