Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 12

A revelation from Irisviel along with some conversations between Gilgamesh & Kirei.
Damn cool chess pieces

Thanks to the information provided by the Assassins due to their sacrifice, Tokiomi and Kirei now know about Rider's Noble Phantasm and decide to let him attack the other servants first before engaging him. With Maiya transporting Iri and Saber to their new headquarters, Kiritsugu reviews his current information about the other contestants whereabouts.

Saber values her life

 At their new headquarters, an old dojo, Saber notices that Iri has not touched anything since early morning and was asking others to do tasks she normally does. This has Saber question her, and Iri reveals that she has become weaker possibly because she is a homunculus. However she assures Saber she is fine and ask her to help prepare a defensive spell at the dojo.

Squeeze! Squeeze!!

Returning to his room, Kirei tells Archer that he is no longer a Master because of Assassin's death and his Command Spells will either return to the Holy Grail, or go to his father. Archer notices that Kirei has taken an interest with Matou Kariya. He wonders why this is the case, as Berserker's master isn't a threat to them. He later concludes that Kirei in fact enjoys seeing the pain and suffering of others. After Archer convinces Kirei of his desires, his Command Spells returns which suggest the Grail still has a use for him but since he has no Servant, Archer gives a subtle hint on which Master he should kill. 

I peak into your soul!

Well, this was a good episode. Nothing much to say here as it's nearing the end of S1. Iri's becoming weaker, which breaks my heart! Specially when you know the entire story. Gilgamesh's and Kirei's plans are slowly being put into motion.
Will review Episode 13 soon. This one took a while to release as I've been plenty busy, specially with Final Fantasy 13-2's release.

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