Sunday, 12 February 2012

Fate/Zero Episode 13

End of Part 1.
It's ending?! Nooooo!!!!

Waver has a dream of Rider's past, where the latter is searching for Oceanus, before waking up. Caster and Ryuunosuke return to their lair and are mad to see their "artwork" destroyed by the fire. But Ryuunosuke is eventually able to cheer up Caster by telling him his twisted logic in which God, who Caster hates the most for Jeanne's death, is just a spectator who enjoys seeing humans do whatever they want.   Impressed by his master idea, Caster plans a "grand spectacle" for God.
A masterpiece!

Meanwhile, Waver and Rider go shopping where Waver starts to doubt his being of Rider's master. As they head home, Rider learns about Waver's problem but gives him some words encouragement for him to not look down on himself. 
Rider's cool. He plays video games.
Suddenly, Waver and Rider detect magic at the city's river. Caster being the one in the middle of it all.
Something big is about to happen.

Saber and Iri arrive to see Caster turning himself into a giant demonic sea-ish monster.
He loves me THAT much?!
 Realizing the threat he poses, Rider has informed the other masters and servants and they've all agreed on a temporary truce/alliance to stop Caster before he attacks the city and kills a countless number of innocents. With Rider leading the vanguard, Saber joins him to allow Lancer an opening to use his spears to target Caster.

Well, Part 1 ends on a cliffhanger. That's to be expected though. It was a good season. Slow at first, then eventually got some good pacing. The characters as always, are much better than in Fate/Stay Night, and the story is one of those Type-Moon stories that actually drags you into it, as opposed to Fate/Stay where I honestly didn't care much at all. F/Z had great story telling, wonderful voice acting, exceptional music, and Suit Saber x Iri. What else should I ask for?
I had said I'd do a full review of F/Z, but decided against it for the time being as I have a lot of other things that need blogging and my school work is a b*tch. I'll see if I plan on making an overall review, but until then, that's it for Fate/Zero! Will see you again in April for this anime, when Part 2 picks up.

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