Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Jormungand Episode 11 Review

Valmet arc! Starto!

Koko's team prepares for its next deal with some members of the Italian Mafia in Alexandria, but Valmet, wishing to take revenge on Chen Guoming, who killed her subordinates, leaves the group unnoticed and heads to confront Chen at his headquarters. She soon finds out that Jonah has followed her. Meanwhile Dominique, the leader of a team of assassins, expresses to his companions Lilliane and Grego his plan to leave the contract killing business and open a restaurant. Both agree with the idea, but first they must take one last job assigned to them; assassinate Koko Hekmatyar. While Valmet and Jonah get close to the Daxinghai base, the assassins decide to take down the members of Koko's team one by one starting with Ugo, whom they label as the easiest target among them, since he has no military background. After Koko's deal with the mafia ends with her clients killed because they tried to pay her with cocaine, Dominique's team take advantage of Valmet and Jonah's absence to start their plan by having Lilliane distracting the others while Grego knocks out Lehm and is about to decapitate Ugo.

Liliane clearly makes too much noise.
I love this arc. So much Koko x Valmet potential. I'm glad they didn't make Valmet's new haircut look awful. It needed some getting used to in the manga. Well, the last episode comes out today, so I'll review that in a few days. And THEN in October comes S2. Starting with R's arc. Which means.....Hex. Hex is in my Top 5 of Hottest Jormungand chicks. Probably #2 or #3. But she's a bitch. You'll find out why in S2. In any case, really good episode with decent amounts of character development and action.

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