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Jormungand Episodes 8-10 Review

Baaaaah! Late reviews. As usual. Been busy with school, sorry.

Random screenie from Ep 9. I need a picture to cut the blog up!
Episode 8

I'm watching youuuuu~
Jonah battles Lutz in a game of paintball where he easily defeats the latter. With tension rising
between Middle Eastern Country A and European Country B, Koko attends Country B's Embassy in London where a contract bid is being held to decide which UAVs their country's military will buy; HCLI's American Predators or Euro Group's French Neurons. However, Amalia Torohovsky, a former actress and arms dealer for Euro Group, gets a head start on Koko when she manages to convince almost all of Country B's delegates to side with Euro Group including having a tabloid newspaper expose the Predators being sold are used ones from Italy. Furious, Koko later meets with Schokolade and asks her to deliver some documents to her friends in the German military. With Koko doing nothing for two days, Amalia and Euro Group believes they won until they learn news that both the German and Spanish military have decided to buy the Predators which convinces Country B to follow suit which at the same time, Koko has just bought large stocks from Euro Group in a hostile takeover. Realizing Koko has played them, Amalia has a secret meeting with Koko, unaware that Euro Group mercenary snipers are following her and attempting to kill Koko. After talking about the similarities and differences between them, Amalia concedes defeat over the contract bid which Koko agrees to sell back Euro Group stocks to her at a five percent premium but not before Lutz, Wiley and Valmet non-lethally neutralize the mercenary snipers.

Valmet's boobs are only for Koko & herself!

Episode 9 : 

After the team has some rest at the beach near the Adriatic Sea, HCLI assigns Koko and her team to deliver artillery to the T Republic army at the Balkans. Much to her annoyance, she is also tasked to sneak in ten doctor from the humanitarian organization, Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights, led by Dr Leon Riviere. Riviere wants to treat the country's ethnic cleansing victims and expose the crimes of Serbian war criminal Dragan Nicolaevich,
A bloodstained battlefield.
leader of the Balkan Dragons militia who has a strong influence over the nation's army due to his connections. The team's An-12 cargo airplane arrives at their location and delivers the artillery to the army without problems. However Dragan and his militia arrives, tipped off about the doctors and demands Koko to give them up. Koko refuses, leading to a stand off between the two sides. Hoping to settle things peacefully, Riviere comes out and tries to talk to Dragan. But Dragan shoots Riviere and tries to kill him until Lehm disarms Dragan. Left with no choice, Koko orders her team to kill the Balkan Dragons at Planina Airport.

Episode 10 : 

Rule 61 : There is always furry porn of it.
Sadly, I don't want to see Nikolaevich in porn of any kind.
We can all agree that Koko's more frightening than a dragon.
Koko's team eliminates the Balkan Dragons except Dragan who escapes and takes Riviere hostage. Knowing Dragan's militia will try to shoot them down once they leave the airport, Koko takes Mao's advice to take one of the artillery cannons into their plane. Once their plane leaves, the team manages to evade the militia's anti-air weaponry and destroy them thanks to Mao shooting them with a flechette round. Koko calls and makes a deal with Scarecrow and Schokolade that they get to capture Dragan in exchange for his $5 million bounty. She also realizes this was part of her father's plan to win favor with the Outspoken Doctors for Human Rights and the CIA. After safely delivering the rest of the doctors to their destination near a refugee camp, Koko sends Lehm, Mao and Wiley to ambush Dragan's convoy, rescuing Riviere, capturing Dragan and giving his location to Scarecrow and Schokolade, who sends a US Marine SOR commando team to get him. With their job done, Koko's team flies out of the country.

Don't have much to say aside from the fact that episodes 11 & 12 are VALMET'S ARC! WOO!! Ahem. Ignore that. It was me being hyped. So, I don't have any disappointments to point out. The soundtrack has grown on me quite a bit which is an added plus. And Koko is indeed loco. I should point out that I recieved Vol 9 yesterday, and my....saying Koko is loco is an understatement. She may be partially psychotic. 'tis good though. Makes her hotter! I promise to review 11 and 12 individually. Valmet deserves that much!

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