Monday, 23 July 2012

Jormungand Episode 12 Review : Season 1 Finale

Last episode of this season.

Everybody loves Kung-fu fighting!

Ugo manages to hold off GrĂ©goire long enough for Lehm to knock him out. Koko and her team manage to subdue Dominque's group. The latter agrees to Koko's terms of letting them go if he tells them who they were hired by. Back in North Africa, Valmet drugs Jonah during lunch and heads towards the Daxinghai base alone. As she kills the Daxinghai contractors protecting the base, she is saved from a sniper by Jonah, who manages to fight off the effects of the drug. Valmet finally confronts Chen where they share some words before she kills him, finally avenging her subordinates deaths.

Don't leave meeee!!!!!

But as Valmet and Jonah head back to Koko, a vengeful Karen shoots Valmet who shields Jonah before Jonah guns her down. After waking up in the hospital, Valmet learns Karen survived as well but mysteriously disappeared.

Do you not see the vein popping out? Of course she's mad!

Koko comforts Valmet by telling her she was able to put the souls of her subordinates at ease. Valmet apologizes to Koko for leaving and tells her that she will fully devote herself to the latter. She also tries to steal a kiss, albeit that ends in failure.

I ship them!
As they take a walk together, Koko talks to Jonah about the attempted hit on her and the team. Meanwhile, the CIA Chief of the European Division, George Black, flies to Paris from Langley to meet up with his contact who is none other than R. 

And that's the end of S1. Given this is Jormungand, the character development is very subtle and happens throughout the entire course of the series, while character arcs are still present. Which is a nice change.

That being said, it was an excellent end to the season. I knew it would end the way it did! Which means S2 will start off with Hex. Can't wait to see her animated. I can already imagine what she sounds like. Hopefully the voice wont disappoint too much. Eagerly anticipating S2, and the "Jormungand" plan mentioned in Volume 9.

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  1. Ha, I didn't realise that was a vein on Koko's face - I was trying to remember when she could have been hurt. I also thought Valmet was a goner! I'm also eagerly anticipating the release of Jormungand Season 2!


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