Saturday, 29 September 2012

Lpdcomic's Ano Hana First Impression

Henma with her moe pout face...lots more moe to come from her!
Well Hey everyone! Call me lpdcomic, I'm here to do reviews, and oh boy will I ever do reviews! As my first review, I will be doing one on Ano Hana (I'm not going to bother putting the REALLY long name for this show). I've only cleared through episode one, then mt PC died, so now its fixed and its time for me to finish this show! I will be doing a first impression since I've only seen the first episode.

Not a happy camper.
Many anime out there now are either re adaptions of light novels or manga, now of course there is PLENTY of anime that are original, Ano Hana was one of these, and I found it quite exciting to know this when I started the show! So far the Story is based around I group of friends that split apart when they were young kids because the death of one of there own Meiko Henma. These events have led the main character Jintan into depression, and he is some sort of a shut in in some aspects, he rarely goes outside, goes to a special high school, and plays games all day. His old friends all hold a sort of hate towards him because he can't grow up and get over his past, his friends all attend a good school and this also makes him jealous and hate them. One day Henma's ghost comes to try to reunite the friends, but only our main character can see her so far I guess. I won't go into more detail then that!

I really like the realistic story and theme to this show, and I also really love the voice acting and artwork of this show so far, it has your generic small Japanese city setting like a lot of these anime tend to have (I'm not complaining)  and so far the characters are really great. The first episode felt long, which was good, it kinda felt like a anime film, this show is only 11 episodes, but I've heard the development of characters and story were great for this show and I've heard it clears well in a short length.

I am really digging this show, and so far I love it, the art is great, I love the way the characters look, and I can't wait to learn more about them and see how they develop. First episode gets a 9/10 for me. (I don't have anything bad to say yet).

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