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Jormungand Perfect Order Episode 2 (14) Review

Dance with Undershaft Part I

A flashback shows how R (full name: Renato Socci) met George Black (Saw) back in the 1990s with the Balkans under UN intervention. At first, he worked with him through the military, however after the two of them worked together to hunt down war criminals, Black offered that R should join him, which he did. His job being to inflitrate HCLI.


Another flashback followed, with Black commenting on how Hex became part of Operation Undershaft when she got recruited from the newly disbanded all female Wide Range Communications Platoon to the Special Operations Group of the SAD. He adds that she was very patriotic, the sad part being that her country kept betraying her over and over again. He notes that he asked her to join him after the 9/11 attacks which caused the death of her fiancee.

She began to engage in black ops missions against terrorists and arms dealers. The flashback shows Hex being confronted by Echo, one of Koko's bodyguards at the time. Both of them fire at eachother, and Hex wakes up stating that she still can't sleep under a full moon. The flashback continues to Koko running away with Valmet telling the latter that she's scared, does not want to die and adds that she's paying her so Valmet has to save her. Valmet slaps her to have her calm down, and Echo comes back stating that he will protect her, but not for the money. He wants her to always keep smiling. However, he soon dies because of the wound he received from Hex.

In the present, Koko has a private meeting with Amalia about George Black and his mission to actively control arms dealers for the CIA's benefit. Afterwards, Koko gives her team new weapons stating the purpose is for everyone to carry the same ammo for practicalities sake. They begin conducting VIP protection exercises.

R comes over to Koko during practice. She asks him, out of curiosity, if he knows George Black. R tries his best to conceal his relationship, however gives her bits and pieces of information to not be seen as too suspicious.

Meanwhile, Hex executes potential terrorists with a army/PMC rejected group known as Cutthroat. As she moves out, we see Black is keeping an eye on her. In the mean time, he receives messages from special agents, letting him know of Hex's movement. Later on, R contacts him, trying to get information about Hex. Black tells him that Hex's info is as confidential as R's is. R tries to persuade him in removing Hex from operation undershaft, which Black denies. Black comments to himself on how, if R is his right hand, Hex is his left. And she is still a crucial part of Operation Undershaft and he needs her. Black also adds that he will grant her the sacrifice she needs if it keeps her under control. He tells R to give her the life of the child.

I never know what to leave as commentary for Jormungand. Great episode. Leaves you hanging for more. The OST on two accounts is just incredible in this episode and fits wonderfully. Can't wait to grab the second disc whenever it's out! On the other hand, I'll be very sad next episode, for 2 reasons. No, I won't be telling you why. Just wait for the next episode! Also...the first picture for the previews above...Koko...those eyes are driving me mad. I typically don't rate episodes, just first impressions. But if I were to rate this one, 9.9/10. The 0.1 is not enough Valmet. Next arc though, so it's ok!

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