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lpdcomic's Ano Hana review!

Well I FINALLY am writing this review, previous to this I had a PC related issue and a lot of work, now I have a free moment after a long weekend of Halloween parties, and I'm here to write ya my review! Let check it out!

Ano Hana at first looked like a good show to watch, It wasn't good in fact...IT WAS AMAZING! its very rare a show brings out so many emotions and amazing character development in only 11 episodes! wow! I almost wish it was longer so I could see more of how the main characters go about there lives! But in the end it was great! With beautiful animation, great and original characters, and a tear jerking ending, I recommend this to those people who like slice of life, romance, and drama filled love stories! This is it!
Friendship IS important!
This show really goes on the theme that no matter what happens, your friends are always there, even if it seems they really aren't, and how its important to stay in touch! Sure as we grow up we have our farewells and so on, but remember who your real friends are and stay together! This show also talks about how you must forgive and move on from the past, you can't dwell on whats done, you must live in now, and work toward a brighter future! The content of this show is great!

The animation was very clean, bright, it looks really great overall! The opening and ending songs are perfect for this show in both lyrics and sound, sometimes they really make the moment, like when a sad or dramatic scene is at the end of the episodes happens and the ending theme kick in to end off the show..chills.

The show is about a high school dropout/half hikkomori Jinta Yadomi, who suffers from anxiety and depression after the death of his childhood friend and mother, which destroyed his childhood and drifted him farther away from his firends, and society. He grew a hatred for people, and stays insdie and sleeps and plays video games all day. His father is very understanding, and jsut accepts things for what they are, hoping one day his son can fidn happiness again. One day the Ghost of his childhood firend that died (Meiko Henma) appears before him and asks him to grant her wish, not knwing what that wish may be, and convinced at first she is soem illusion from the summer heat or stress, he kinda deals with it like it nothing, but as the show progesses, he believes it to be true, and tries to bring all his old childhood firends back together to help him make the ghost of his friend pass on! There is a romance, well afew romances in this show, but I won't go into any details to not spoil anything! His friends all have certain grudges against each other or Jinta and the road to being friends again is as hard as makin gthe ghost pass on!
The cast!

This show hit some personal string in me, and resulted in a ending which made me cry, which is very rare, a show that can bring  out your emotions like that, is a good show! I recommend this so anyone who wants a good emotional story of friends and love, but if your not in the mood for something like this now, I don't suggest it, also if you want 24/7 comedy, this show is not for you, it has its funy and cute moments, but its far from the main theme of the anime.

Ok so I may of not gone into much detail of certain areas, so I'll just rack it up in numbers!
Story 9/10
-Great story, amazing development for 11 episodes
- Wish it would of had soem sort of after story to see where soem of the chracters went
Animation 9/10
-Clean, bright, works great.
Music 9/10
-Awesome OP and ED, BGM had some great tracks, but not all too memorable for me, but still great! 
Overall 9/10
-Ano Hana delivers what it comes to do, and keeps the feelings it gives you going after you watch the show, its a unique and memorable show, I recommend it!

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