Monday, 26 December 2011

Fate/Zero Episode 10

"Rin's adventure"...That was one hell of an adventure. Poor girl.
I am your Queen!

This episodes tells us how Rin was involved in the Fuyuki City Kidnappings. Rin is determined to follow in her father's footsteps as a great magus by learning the art of Crystal Magic, part of the Tohsaka family magic. With the Holy Grail War starting soon, Tokiomi tell his wife Aoi and his daughter Rin that they have to leave Fuyuki City for their own safety. Rin wants to help her father but accidentally opens a dangerous grimoire until her father saves her.

I forgot Fate did "F*cked up" faces.

Tokiomi gives Rin a magic compass that detects Mana and warns her that if the compass reacts violently (goes apeshit crazy), it means a powerful mage is nearby and she must avoid them. However, several students at her elementary school, including her best friend Kotone have been kidnapped by the Fuyuki City Killer. Wishing to save Kotone, Rin heads to Fuyuki City alone to find the culprit using her Mana Compass.
I eat you for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!
Eventually, Rin finds the culprit, Uryuu, using a magical bracelet made by Caster, to hypnotize the children to follow him to his hideout. Arriving at his hideout, Rin finds Kotone and several children hypnotized but is found by Uryuu. To free the children, Rin destroys his bracelet by overloading it with Mana, blinding him and freeing the children from his control and escapes. With Kotone and children picked up by the police, Rin heads home only to detect and confronted by one of Caster's monster familiar. She is however saved by Kariya. 
I'm freaky Superman!
Aoi searches for Rin in Fuyuki City and finds her in a park asleep, while guarded by Kariya who tells her he will win the Grail to return Sakura to her. An Assassin monitors their encounter with Kirei ordering Assassin to continue monitoring Kariya. As Aoi drives Rin home, Rin admits she didn't do much but at least she did something and wants to learn to become a better mage.

Well that was an entertaining episode. They changed a small part from the novel to anime transition where Kotone & the rest of the kids shouldn't have in fact been saved. Well, no harm done. Rin was pretty badass anyways. Kariya looks as freaky as ever. Well there wasn't much to say about this episode, as it didn't really revolve over the other masters. I'll do the review for the remaining 3 episodes (11-13) later on in the day, and then finally review the show's 1st season overall with character explanations. Stay tuned!

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