Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fairy Tail Chapter 258

And here I thought it'd be something about either Ultear or Jellal.

                                       Gildarts needs an inhaler.

The chapter starts off with these two guys talking to eachother. Rogue and Sting. Sting tells Rogue about the return of the core Fairy Tail mages, while the latter says he's not interested. Sting thinks otherwise, because Rogue apparently admired Natsu in the past. Next we have Doranbalt (Mest), Laharl (dude who was on ship) and Sage Aug talking about how for the past 7 years it felt like the world was filled with darkness, and was too quiet.

And yet they used to complain about FT making a ruckus...Hypocrites I say!

There is talk about Sabertooth, the official #1 guild in Fiore. Then we have Gildarts and Makarov going into the basement of the old Fairy Tail building, where Makarov shows him the Lumen Etoile, Fairy Tail's greatest secret. Sorta reminds me of Bayonetta. Makarov has decided to make Gildarts the new Fairy Tail master. Who did NOT see that coming?

We go back to the two mages from the first page who are attacked by some random guy (at least to us). And guess what we find out? Rogue is the Shadow Dragon Slayer while Sting is the White Dragon Slayer. Both from Sabertooth. And they're known as the Dragon Slayer Duo. Oh...And apparently, Rogue used to be Gajeel's apprentice! I wonder how that worked out. Did I mention they both have Exceeds? >.> Yep.

The next chapter's title is "Sky Dragon Grandine"....Now THAT I'm excited for.

This chapter was interesting, but not really what I had hoped for. I wish more was said about Jellal and Ultear. But since it's the beginning of a new arc, new characters are bound to appear. I wonder if next chapter we'll get to see Grandine....That would be awesome. And I'm honestly still in awe, regarding the previous chapters. The fact that the first Fairy Tail master was female. I was told that Mavis is a female name, but since I had never heard it before, I wasn't sure. I wonder who will replace Gildarts in the future. Yep....Already thinking of replacements....I have Erza in mind >.>

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