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Fate/Zero Episode 6

Sorry guys! I decided to start the review from Episode 6 instead of Episode 1. Since...Well..I don't feel like re-watching the other episodes.

Kayneth Archibald El-Melloi....went boom! Or did he?

                         We're going to dieeeeee!!!!!

The episode starts off with Saber and Irisviel, the latter driving a car given to her by Kiritsugu. It's like playing an arcade game...I swear. This woman knows not how to hold back. Full speed ahead!!!! Not to mention the drifting! She should take part in Fast & Furious. No..Truthfully..She's a pretty bad driver. A maniac behind the wheel. And yet..charmingly adorable.

                            It's obvious he wanted to die...
                   No one stays in the middle of the road when Iri's driving

Irisviel suddenly breaks at Saber's instructions. When the car finally stops (blame the speed she was driving at) they both get out and see Caster, who rejoices at seeing Saber. However, he is gravely mistaken, because he thinks Saber is in fact a woman named Jeanne. Saber says she has never met him, however he insists that her memories have been messed up and she has forgotten who she is.  He yells his name "Gilles de Rais"...You know...Joan of Arc's comrade in arms who killed about 30 kids? Yep..that's him. So he yells his name hoping it'll jog Saber's memories. Doesn't work. We all know why. Saber isn't Joan of Arc. Or...Jeanne D'Arc in this case.

As a means to maintain her honor and be courteous, she introduces herself. Seriously Saber? That's taking a HUGE risk. Specially in war. Arturia Pendragon. King of Britain. Of course, Caster does not believe this, and thinks that God has forsaken her. As he keeps denying that she is in fact not Jeanne, Saber gets pissed and attacks him.
Damn I wish that hit
She misses on purpose, so as to give him a warning and proclaims that next time, her attack will not miss. Caster leaves swearing he will have her remember who she really is. In the shadows, hiding in a tree, we see one of the Assassins who was watching the whole scene. He goes back to report to Kirei. 

The scene changes to Caster and his master, Ryuunosuke. Caster decides to sacrifices the children they have kidnapped, and go on to search for more. 

You.Belong.To.Me...So....I get to insult you all I want!

Next, we see Kayneth scolding Lancer for not being able to kill off Saber when Sola-Ui, his fiancee comes in and starts to harass him, calling him a coward for not showing himself during the Saber vs Lancer battle. Lancer gets pissed at her and tells her kindly to stfu, when suddenly the fire alarms ring and Kayneth gets a phone call to evacuate. They assume Saber is the one doing it in order to be able to use her left hand again. Therefor he sends Lancer down to finish the job once and for all, while boasting on how he has an entire floor filled with all kinds of traps and defenses.

                        This does not look like magic. Seriously.

Guess what. Those traps he was boasting about prove to be useless, because Kiritsugu and Maiya have rigged the entire hotel with explosives. They blow it up after having confirmed that all the civilians are safe and have evacuated. Kiritsugu proclaims that even if Kayneth managed to survive the explosion, he would not be able to survive a 150-ft fall even with magic. Kirei soon finds Maiya who is able to escape with just an injured hand, thanks to Kiritsugu's smoke bomb.

                          The weapons the church has...*sigh*

Assassins comes and informs Kirei , his father Risei and Tokiomi that Caster and Ryuunosuke have been kidnapping and sacrificing children. Risei is disgusted by their killings. And the fact that they might expose the war to the rest of the world. Therefor he orders the other Masters to eliminate the two.
                              He's attractive. No denying it.

Kirei sees Archer/Gilgamesh drinking wine in his room. Gilgamesh asks Kirei why he wants the Holy Grail, and Kirei is unable to answer. He says he isn't even sure why the Grail chose him to become a Master. Gilgamesh is able to persuade Kirei in helping him spy on the other Masters, for his amusement, and because it might help them understand the other Masters desires.

Well...This episode lacked action. But no harm there. Plenty of character development, and seeing Iri's terrible driving was fun. Kiritsugu pisses me off. I mean...I know what he's doing, and the reasons behind it, but I've never liked him. Oh...I'd tell you guys but then it'd be spoilers. Next episode will probably be about how the Masters will be going about destroying Caster and Ryuunosuke. Well...until then I guess I'll go watch some other animes~!

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