Saturday, 19 November 2011

Fairy Tail Chapter 260

We find out the truth about Porlyusica and her connection to Grandine.

What a fluffy dragon!

Natsu and the group question Wendy's statement about Porlyusica being like Grandine, but Wendy once again says that they have the same scent and voice. Gray comments that it was strange that Grandine could possibly transform into a human, Lucy adding that Porlyusica's relationship with the Master and the others goes farther than when the Dragon Slayers were still being trained. That would mean she would have to be in two places at once, which they all find unlikely. That's when Wendy notes that she may have the same voice and scent but her attitude is completely different, wherein Grandine liked humans and was really gentle.

Suddenly, Porlyusica pops out and grumpily states from behind them that she's sorry for not being "gentle", shocking both Gray and Lucy, who didn't see her coming. Porlyusica states that she has nothing to hide from them, and that she will tell them whatever they want to know. She firmly states that she is a real human through and through. Natsu questions why a human would hate other humans, and has Porlyusica yell at him. She also states that she doesn't know anything about the dragons, remorselessly apologizing, but reveals that she is in fact Grandine...But not the one we know. She is the Grandine from Edolas. A while back, she got lost and stranded in Earth Land (talk about sad...). Porlyusica tells them that she could have asked Makarov to help her return, but she decided to stay since she ended up liking Earth Land. 

She tells Wendy that Grandine has talked to her before through her heart with magic , and was asked by the latter to write out magic spells for the dragon slayer techniques "Milky Way" and "Shining Wave: Air Drill" which would help Wendy get stronger. However, Porlyusica warns Wendy, stating that if not practiced carefully, her body could be destroyed as these are extremely difficulty techniques. Wendy bows happily, thanking Porlyusica, and also calling her Grandine. Porlyusica walks away smiling.
                                        She smileeeeddddd!

Back at Fairy Tail, Macao and Romeo are arguing having Fairy Tail participate in something. Most of the guild members disapprove, but Romeo goes on to reveal that the Grand Magic Games were created in the last 7 years and that the winner would be considered the strongest guild in Fiore and they would get 30,000,000 Jewels in prize. This motivates the missing Fairy Tail members, especially Makarov,  excitedly planning to prepare for the battle. Natsu asks Romeo when it will be taking place and the latter replies by saying that it is in 3 months. With this statement, all the Tenrou island members are fired up even more. The grown-up Fairy Tail Mages, however, dissuade them, telling them that they had come in last place every time. The core members then shout out that they are going to aim for the number one guild spot in Fiore; they shout that they are Team Fairy Tail!

Well...It was a decent chapter. I'm still a tad disappointed that Grandine =/= Porlyusica. I didn't even have the idea of Porlyusica being EdoGrandine cross my mind ._. That part of the chapter I liked, since I like Porlyusica. She's a cool old lady who had a slightly bigger role than expected. I can't wait to see those techiniques mastered by Wendy. And...Erza , Erza, Erza..You'd better kick some ass in this tournament. I miss you having awesome fights...since the end with Azuma was a bit weak...NAKAMA POWER FTW! But you're still awesome!!

Hmm...I think I'll go finish watching Genshiken season 2 and review that next...while Mike...EVENTUALLY reviews MW3 ._.

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  1. So that's why Porlyusica had healing magic too. Even I keep forgetting they had Edolas' versions of them =.=


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