Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fate/Zero Episode 8

Caster vs Saber & Lancer Part 2. Along with Kiritsugu vs Kayneth.

....God. Iri's just awesome. Alchemy ftw!

Irisviel and Maiya are about to escape through the woods when the former detects Kotomine Kirei coming their way. Instead of evading him and running away, they decide to confront him in order to protect Kiritsugu. However, Maiya is outsmarted and taken down by Kirei despite her terrain advantage. Iri  fights Kirei, by creating an eagle through alchemy and subduing him for a bit, however in the end, she fails to restrain him with her magic.


Meanwhile, Kiritsugu is able to wound Kayneth with his Contender pistol. Believing the attack was a fluke, the latter vows to increase Hydragyrum's defenses to prevent it from happening again. Elsewhere, Saber and Lancer continue fighting off Caster's endless waves of weird tentacle-ish monsters due to Caster's Noble Phantasm, his grimoire. To damage the grimoire, Saber manages to clear a path long enough for Lancer to pierce it with Gae Dearg, effectively cutting off his source of mana and instantly destroying his minions.

I find Lancer exceedingly handsome

Caster manages to escape while an enraged Kayneth suffering from blood loss hunts down the "cowardly" Kiritsugu throughout the castle, when Kiritsugu ends up shooting him again with the Contender leading closer to Kayneth's demise. Despite preparing for it, Hydragyrum defenses are futile as the Contender's bullets are in fact special anti-magic bullets, causing Kayneth's Magic Circuits to go berserk and tear him from the inside-out.

That must hurt
Lancer arrives just in time to save his unconscious master thanks to Saber's knightly pride, while the latter rushes to save Irisviel from Kirei. As Kirei interrogates Iri about Kiritsugu, his servant, Assassin informs him of Saber's arrival. He stabs Iri with his church swords (forgot the name T_T ) and then he leaves. However, Iri survives thanks to Saber's scabbard Avalon implanted inside of her by Kiritsugu and she goes to heal Maiya.

Poor Iri :(

There's no denying it. This is one of my favorite episodes...if we remove the Kiritsugu fight. I could care less about that man. Seeing Iri in tears....makes me sad T__T Seeing her stabbed...makes me want to murder Kirei. I swear to you guys...This episode's ending HAD SaberxIri potential! No denying it! I also loved seeing her Alchemy animated. Iri's way too awesome for Kiritsugu.

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