Saturday, 3 December 2011

Fate/Zero Episode 9

Crazy bitch Sola's craziness & Rider + Waver destroy Caster's hideout.

See? Crazy bitch is crazy.
The episode starts off where Kayneth is dreaming about Lancer's past, and then suddenly wakes up to his body being tied to a bed. Sola (a.k.a crazy bitch) tells Kayneth that his Magic Circuits were completely destroyed and that he can no longer use magic. Therefore she asks him to give up his Command Spells. He refuses, and she tells him in a psychotic clear tone that she will cut his hand off if he doesn't comply, all the while breaking one of his fingers.

Poor Sob.
 Kayneth eventually concedes and gives Sola his Command Spells. Despite Sola becoming his new Master, Lancer refuses to accept her and remains loyal to Kayneth, because of his "Knight's Code". However, Sola is capable of tricking Lancer and convincing him to fight and win the Holy Grail in order to heal his master and give him back his honour. 

Elsewhere, Kiritsugu decides to go hunt Kayneth despite Saber's wish to stop Caster. Iri fails to convince Kiritsugu to have her and Saber chase after Caster...(Kiritsugu's an ass). 

Meanwhile, Waver and Rider manages to find Caster's lair in the sewers. Caster is out at the moment, and both of them discover the dead bodies of Caster and Ryuunosuke's victims. As Waver vomits and tears up in disgust, Rider saves his life when he senses an Assassin targeting Waver. Two more assassins show up, however quickly retreat.
The horrorrrr!!!!!!!!

Now knowing Assassin is not actually dead, Waver and Rider decide to leave Caster's lair but not before destroying it and burning the bodies. Without a hideout, Caster is sure to surface, is their thought. With Waver and Rider knowing their secret, Risei orders Kirei to send his Assassins to spy on them.

Don't worry kids! Big ol' Alexander will protect you!
Well that was a rather entertaining episode, to say the least. Sola's one crazy bitch. There's no denying it. It doesn't help that she's fallen in love with Lancer either. Yes...I agree he's attractive but damn...It's the mole people. The mole is what attracts those women to Lancer. It has some special voodoo magic...oooouuuu.....Well, Waver's a cry baby. Understandable though, considering what he saw. Rider's as awesome and lovable as usual....And I want to strangle usual.....

Off to watch some Phi Brain and then get up to date with those blog posts!!

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