Thursday, 19 January 2012

Winter 2012 Animes

I won't be episodically reviewing any Winter 2012 animes, as I probably won't have the time to. There aren't many animes that have caught my attention this season, and I find that to be fairly disappointing. On the other hand, I was never expecting much from this season to begin with.

The animes I will be reviewing once they finish airing for the season are :

Another : Mystery, Drama, Horror -has a slight Ryukishi7 feel to it.
Highschool DxD : Comedy, Demons, Romance - looks promising so far.
- Mouretsu Pirates : Sci-fi, Space -You're probably wondering why I'm watching this, as I dislike both genres greatly...I'm not sure either. Looks plenty promising though.

Those three animes are pretty much it.....In short, on average I have watched about 6-8 animes per season so far, with Winter 2012 only giving me 3 worth my time. I'm strongly hoping that Spring 2012 will be better.

Edit: Decided to add Senshi Zesshou Symphogear as well. : Action, Music, Sci-fi. -Looks awesome so far.

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